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Mother Nature by justanothersomeone

Heya from :iconfeedbackfrenzy:! I'm not going to lie, I was so confused by what I was looking at as a thumbnail and had to view it in full. And I am so gl...

Stop Light by phydeau
by phydeau

Hey there! I'm writing in from :iconfeedbackfrenzy: I like the idea of this piece though I feel that it is lacking the kind of impact it could have with a...

The Demon Awakens by Shiro169

Hello, I'm coming in from :iconfeedbackfrenzy: Ahh I love this! It caught my eye the moment I saw it in the FeedBackFrenzy gallery. The roughness of the l...


Play Date by Shades-ofGray
Play Date
Just a little fun with my childhood show (no, really, I was OBSESSED with Pokemon!) and this gave me an excuse to use some new marker colours I got (= 
Practice Makes Perfect by Shades-ofGray
Practice Makes Perfect
Hello again!

Another piece for you! 
Although I'm not whole heartedly happy with this piece, I am at the same time pleased (I know, weird!). Let me explain: I rarely, if not ever, use pen strokes and linear as a means to define my drawings, but i decided to try my hand at, not just lineart, but using the pen as a means to create depth and detail. This came out a huge positive! I love how the hair came to be and the vines and detail as a whole. What I;m not happy with, however, is the image as a whole and the dragonflies (which were supposed to be fairies), which I had to add in with Photoshop.
I originally intended on doing the drawing completely with marker and pen but I fucked up with the fairies and decided to do my best to save the piece via the digital wonders known commonly as Photoshop. Though I'm not 100% satisfied with the end results, I refuse to beat myself up to much about it :)

I hope, at least, you guys enjoy it!
Much love! XoXo <3
Titanium by Shades-ofGray
I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away

Another piece finished using marker with pencil crayons and isopropyl alcohol and brush (=
Elastic Heart by Shades-ofGray
Elastic Heart
You did not break me
I'm still fighting for peace

A piece inspired by Elastic Heart by Sia and the battle over the control of your own mind and emotion. Although this didn't start as it ended, I am so happy with the final outcome. I found, as I continued to work on it, how important it is to me, from the choice of colour I made to the figures and layout. 

It's a reminder for myself, and others, to always keep fighting, to always keep your head above the water, even when your illness tries so hard to pull you back under. It's important to look at the little things in life for the inspiration and the strength to wake up every day and keep fighting. 


Credit goes to :iconbellastanyer-stock: for the stock reference =)
I Need You by Shades-ofGray
I Need You
Have you ever had the feeling

That we’re not alone?
Those who cause the fear are senile
They unearth them more
Going down the dusty roads
We are cold and see-through

I need you

There’s a reading on the wall
Of all the things that I have done
Pump my blood and lead me on
Anywhere you’ll take me

See it on the wall
Just go and solve it all

- "I Need You" M83

Holy shit on a brick, this took me at least five redoes to get right and I'm so happy I persevered! With a suggestion from my sister to use only grayscale, I bought new Sakura Pigma Pens (get them, they're amazing) and india ink with brush and water. 

Hope you ennjooooy!

I've opened a Tumblr account and will be posting work on there as well as here. I also have another blog on Tumblr for my literature. Feel free to drop by at anytime =)…


Now that university is winding down for the summer - thank god - I plan to go on a mission of epic art proportions. Well, okay, not really, more like a mission to improve my skills before September. I'm itching to get better and the only way I'm going to to that is to keep practicing, practicing, practicing. 

I'm coming to finally understand that there is always room for improvement and that that's not in any way a bad thing. I think I'm going to venture to either Victoria or Vancouver and take part in some life drawing classes and painting courses and hopefully improve my speed at doing art. I might also tackle a few digital pieces, though i'm still pretty shaky in the world of Photoshop :/

If anyone has any ideas, wishes, pieces they want to see me try, lemme know!

Happy Spring everyone!

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